Dg Kids

DG Kids sets the tone of child’s learning in a nurturing environment.  Aims at laying a healthy foundation for the child’s all round development. Pre-Schooling is an important developing phase. This is the time, the young mind deserves all the care and attention because it is the phase when they are welcomed into new world of learning. Being active and curious to learn at this age, the engagement activities that interest them are well planned in the curriculum of DG Kids.

Keeping this in mind, Dg kids provides every child an environment to enjoy and learn through activities and blossom. An innovative and engagement teaching methodology in incorporated in Pre-schooling, primary, and Day care.

Highlights of Pre-Primary School programme:

  • Aiming to give children an atmosphere of freedom so that they can enjoy their learning experience.
  • Storytelling, role-play, teaching alphabets and group activities are integral to the learning process.
  • Material used during teaching process help kids to see, touch, feel and explore.
  • The curriculum emphasis on the development of child in different areas like Physical, creative, social, emotional, numeracy and awareness.
  • Fun Filled activities help in encouraging child to learn, explore, acquire skills and satisfy their curiosity.
  • Special festival programs and celebrations help child understand the values of cultural heritage and appreciate diversity.