The advent of technology in the recent years has ushered an era characterized by a plethora of complexities. Future of the 21st century real-world is unpredictable. Preparing students for the future is challenging. Enabling them to emerge successful in a world that’s constantly changing would require equipping them with knowledge and skills that would effectively help them adapt and reinvent for unforeseen challenges.

Committed to nurturing young minds for the future, DG International School, Thane transacts the ICSE curriculum through finely structured techniques that accommodate varying receptive capabilities of diverse multitude of students. Inclusiveness is the soul of pedagogy adopted at DG International School. It finely incorporates the socio-cultural and geographical contexts of students coming from acclaimed localities distributed across Thane and Mumbai.

Following the guidelines prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), DG International School, Thane identifies five educative categories while transacting the ICSE & ISC curriculum: Pre-Primary, Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary. These categories encompass the several classes at pre-schooling and schooling starting from Playgroup to the Twelfth Class.

The curriculum transacted at DG International School proceeds in a thematic manner to provide a holistic view of an issue in question. Such an approach is contradictory to the topic centred approach that fails at establishing the relevance of classroom discussions to real-world problems. Themes dealing with environmental and social issues are integral to the curriculum. Students are introduced to concepts, issues, skills and concerns at various stages of development according to their growing age.

The curriculum emphasises sequential arrangement of learning experiences, abiding to which students visit and revisit themes and concepts during several classes. New knowledge regarding a theme is put in context with the pre-existing knowledge imparted in the previous classes. The depth and complexity of each theme increases at every new visit. An integrated approach adopted at DG International School ensures the development of different domains of learning like cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

The transactional strategies endorsed by the talented staff members at DG International School, Thane consider different learning styles and individual differences among students. They span across a range of activities like classroom discussions, case studies, field visits, role play, project work, surveys, hands-on experiences, experimentation, model making, slogan writing, etc. making learning a joyful experience. They are developed with the keen motif of helping students construct their knowledge rather than putting them in the position of recipients of information.

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