Prof. B D Patil
Founder & Chairman, DGET Institutions
(M.A., M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil)

For me, education is the ultimate way to serve society. Nothing can be more noble and fulfilling than playing a part in molding young impressionable minds and shaping their futures and thereby. creating responsible citizens for the nation. What began as a personal passion 25 years back is today a tangible, growing reality. It is also a passion shared by dozens of dedicated people who are now part of my institutions and contribute to this growth story. The Dnyan Ganga Institutions today provide quality education opportunities to every age group from toddlers in nursery to young adults in high school to aspiring youth pursuing graduate level degree courses in science and commerce.

Dnyan Gangas underlying philosophy is not Just about quality academic education but providing an environment for young minds to dream and realize their true potential. It is what I call a holistic approach to education where all facets of human development are shaped – academics, personality, moral values, social sensitivity and the spirit of fairness and competitiveness. In the coming years, you will see this passion translate to better facilities, better infrastructure and better education methods. Our intentions are clear. Our approach is focused. And our dream lS bigger that what may appear today

My best wishes to you and your families for the coming New Year!

Ms. Anita B. Patil Director, 
DGET Institutions ( Phy.) ,B.Ed

The Pursuit Of Greatness Drives Me

My vision is to see Dnyan Ganga as a ‘globally recognized education hub’ in the near future.” Over the last couple of years, our school has undergone significant transformations. Whether its academic quality, a new classroom infrastructure, enhanced extra-curricular activities or the institution of annual features such as Sports Day and Urja, the signs of progress are evident. What began as my father’s passion is ready to step into a higher league. My vision for our school is to elevate its stature to be counted as amongst the best in the country. Our philosophy of holistic education will be the foundation and driving force for building Dnyan Ganga In the not too distant future, I also want to see Dnyan  Ganga as a “globally recognized education hub” that encompasses multiple institutes across schooling and college education including professional courses in medicine, engineering, commerce, and science. Two things keep me going in this pursuit of greatness; my father’s blessings and encouragement and the unstinted support of my Principals, teachers, staff members and last but not the least you – our patrons.

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