In our busy lives we often don’t get the time to tell the most important Man in our lives how much we love him. Yes our Dad…

Life has become busy and we don’t have the family time we used to. Dad’s have long working hours and kids are busy with school and co-curricular activities. This year we decided to surprise dad’s with hand made cards from their lovely juniors.

The Friday before Father’s day on 16th June kids got art n craft materials to their classes and during the CCA lecture they made some really beautiful cards all by themselves…. Tiny tots from 1st to class 12th got busy pouring their Hearts out through cards.

They were told to give it to their Dad on Sunday.

Monday morning during the General Assembly students 6th STD above were assembled in the auditorium and We had a very emotional session with the kids where teachers and the students shared their feelings for their Dad.

It was heart wrenching to hear Children say that they realize how much effort their parents are taking to keep them happy. A class 6th child said he knows his dad does not buy new clothes for himself but always provides it on Diwali for the kids. A 12 year old child said he has met his father who works abroad only twice since birth and dedicated a song to his Dad ‘Lag ja gale’. Another child shared that since Dads have to be strong though they have a emotional breakdown they never show it…. That child had heard his Dad cry in the bathroom behind closed doors.

There was not a single dry eye amongst the teachers and more than half the children had tears in their eyes. Children are very emotional and We were really glad to have this session with the kids. Only if their Dad could hear and see them that day.

It’s really important that we as parents learn to Express. We have to let the kids express.

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