One of the complaints We hear the most today is related to lack of time. From kids to elders we all hear and say these –  ‘there is no time’, ‘only if a day had more hours’, ‘I will do it later’ etc. The truth is if we find it important we will do it.

It was decided that since class 9th to 12th are crucial academic years in a students lives and the amount of stress kids face in these years can’t be overlooked, hence a Time Management session is very important for them.

We had our school counselor, Mr. Gadgil speaks to the students about Time Management as he too said that was the most often heard excuse from kids during his counseling sessions when asked why they fall behind on studies or projects or homework.

Students were asked if they found this year important and if they did why? Then they were asked to jot down their daily schedule and figure out when do they have free time. He made them simply calculate the hours they had available in a day.

Our Principal Ma’am also was a part of the session and she back calculated their days available before the Big exams and asked them to see how many days they had available in hand if we subtract the holidays and vacations. The students were asked to decide and a lot a certain number of hours every day and make a study timetable for themselves and follow diligently to avoid having a backlog of studies later.

The idea was to help students understand that procrastinating doesn’t help and that here is always enough time if we learn to prioritize things.

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